The Team of the Neurodiversity Foundation:

If you like us, like us, if you want to work with us, work with us.


– Lana Jelenjev: Board

Lana Jelenjev is an Educational consultant for International organizations and schools. She provides training and support on various areas related to curriculum design, project planning and personal development.
Her background in Family Life and Child Development along with her certifications on Gifted and Talented Education, Reading Instruction and Making Thinking Visible has shaped her passion on creating a culture of learning and engagement.
She is a mom to two children and a loving partner to her husband. In her spare time she writes poetries and creates guided meditations.
Lana brings to her own company Co.LAB her knack in looking at the big picture and making it visible into actionable steps, plus her love for building strong, supportive communities. Lana is een board-member for the Neurodiversity Foundation.

– Eleonora Spagnuola: Board

Eleonora Spagnuolo is a multipassionate professional with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of creativity, communication, and branding.
With a MA in Philosophy, and a BA in Graphic Design, she brings together the scientific approach and her hands-on experience on being creative for a living. In 2014 she founded The Creativity Project, to explore creativity in all its aspects and guide people in expressing the fantastic worlds hidden in their minds.
She is a mom to two kids and wife to a talented filmmaker. She loves running and is addicted to coffee, acrylic paint and rock music.
Eleonora brings to her own company Co.LAB her unique point of view on being an highly creative person with a different wired mind, her experience in branding and her mission to support creatives in expressing their unique, weird self. Eleonore is a board-member of the Neurodiversity Foundation.

– Saskia Buma: Board

Saskia Buma is autism expert and is a trainer in autism awareness and neurodiverse behaviour. She has a wide network and experience to offer. She lobbies on the behalf on young autists, as a mother of one, and as a political activist. She is also the co-founder of the Prikkelprofiel initiative.

– Tjerk Feitsma: CEO Tjerk Feitsma - Neurodiversity Foundation

Tjerk Feitsma is a neurodivergent impact entrepreneur who wants to make the world a better place. Convinced of the statement that ‘Diversity is Strength’, he has been prototyping and building solutions to create equality, interpersonal connection and selfmanagement for neurodivergents in a neurotypical society.

– Omotola Bolarin: CTO & lead developer

Omotola Bolarin is a wizard and visionary when it comes to drafting tech for the future. Reverse engeneering the thinking patterns of artificial intelligence, and thereby clarifying for humans what it feels like to be a bot, is one of his passions.
His knowledge on automation, integration and his personal perspective can produce and guide the robots of the future, to doing what the world needs them to do. Omotola is building the AI for the 2Tango.Signs project. Omotola brings as a CTO of the  Neurodiversity Foundation a lot of skills, bravado and brains into the mix, and will keep the horizon of the future, an interesting one.

– Kees Heil: Senior Developer/Researcher

Kees is a great programmer who is very analytical, enthusiastic about tech and open to non-conventional solution-oriented routines. He is very persistent in endeavouring technological goals and getting results. He is a keen abstract thinker and shaper of adequate proces & productmodels. A spectrum professional working diligently on the Signs project, building tools for a neurodiverse society.

 – Wybe Zeyl: Developer

Wybe is a web programmer coding the coaching-app project. He is a problem solver that learn new things every day. His most recent work concerns the activity-matching software of ‘Together’, both for use in closed groups as for use directed to the wider public.

 – Erik Post: Developer/Reseacher erik post neurodiversity foundation

Erik is a researcher that focuses on machine learning and meta context modelling. He is also engaged in the research preparations, en is the official Liaison of the foundation for the JADS research efforts in ’s Hertogenbosch.

 – Szymon Maka: Developer/Researcher szymon maka neurodiversity foundation

Szymon Maka is a tech evangelist and strategist working on Mini.AI and the language components, but mainly on the outward bound outreach of the organization. He is also keen to explore the many ways in how Signs & Mini.AI can be distributed in the world.

 – Wouter Grond: Developer/Researcher Wouter Grond neurodiversity foundation

Wouter is a programmer that works to support the artificial intelligence project. He has skills in PHP and is excellent in finding patterns.

 – Charell Bos: External Reseacher TU/e

Charell Bos is doing research on self-defining and self-communication of emotional states, supported by the visionairy assistant professor Jelle van Dijk from the TUe, who specializes in Diversity Computing (DivComp).

 – Natalie Glomsda: External Reseacher UvA 

Natalie Glomsda is researching into the ‘voice’ of ‘little sister Mini.AI’, and on the interventions suggested after defined-state-of-being and state-change.

 – Jessy de Bodt: Independent Reseacher

Jessy de Bodt is researching a new iteration of the Signs language, developed from an autistic perspective. He is a good man and a graduate of Fontys education.

 – Roy Houtkamp: External Reseacher from Fontys

Roy Houtkamp is researching into the connection and conversion of self-identified skillsets or niche skills that the users wishes to improve, and to automate the suggested intervention and tools that support that intent.

– Signsgame team: External research team from Fontys

This team is developing and researching prototypes for quick comprehension and usecases of the signs language through gamified learning. They are very clever and balanced team, and we hope that their innovation will lead new users through the initial stages of using the autistic sign language called Signs.

– Diantha Voskuijl

Diantha Voskuijl is an excellent ambassador for autistics in the Netherlands, and has supported us by being one of our judges in the VR Challenge. We hope to support her voice, and wish her message on neurodiversity and autism is heard and understood by many.

– John Scholtz

John Scholt is an appreciated external advisor of the 2Tango organisation & Neurodiversity. John is a great entrepreneur with a broad skillset, that aids with advice an coaching.